Further Reading

Play Streets Research & Reports

[2] Why temporary street closures make sense for public health

By: Angie Page, University of Bristol. Published: July 2017.

[4] How Play Streets supports the development of physical literacy in children: A research review

By: Matthew Nicholson and Lauren Thorn. Published: June 2020

[6] Systematic review of how Play Streets impact opportunities for active play, physical activity, neighborhoods, and communities

By: M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Christina N. Bridges, Thomas L. Schmid, Amelie A. Hecht & Keisha M. Pollack Porter. Published: March 2019

[8] Playing out: A grassroots street play revolution

By: Alice Ferguson. Published: March 2019

School Streets Research & Reports

[1] School Streets pilot project evaluation

By: The City of Edinburgh Council. Published: 2016

[3] Is there a gender gap in school travel? An examination of US children and adolescents

By: Noreen C. McDonald. Published: 2012

[5] Children’s independent mobility: an international comparison and recommendations for action

By: B. Shaw, M. Bicket, B. Elliott, B. Fagan-Watson, E. Mocca, M. Hillman & B. Fagan-Watson. Published: 2015

[2] Multi-level examination of correlates of active transportation to school among youth living within 1 mile of their school

By: Kathleen M Gropp, William Pickett & Ian Janssen. Published: October 2012

[4] Are children and adolescents less active if parents restrict their physical activity and active transport due to perceived risk?

By: Alison Carver,  Anna Timperio, Kylie Hesketh, David Crawford. Published: October 2010